How to use FlashDevelop plugin with COLT 1.1 beta

FlashDevelop plugin was updated to work with COLT 1.1 beta! You can download and install latest plugin version from github.

What’s new?

How to make it work?

After you have both COLT 1.1 beta and the plugin installed, open any AS3 project in FlashDevelop and click plugin button:

The plugin will try to connect to COLT. At this point COLT will display following message:

Go back to FlashDevelop and enter this code into plugin:

This is also good opportunity to change default plugin settings and enable using COLT fast compiler for FlashDevelop builds. Close the dialog, export the project again, review the settings and press “save” button in COLT.

Back in FlashDevelop, you can now use standard FlashDevelop buttons or shortcuts to make or run production build of your project:

  • 1 year ago