COLT 1.2 with new UI and JS support is out!

The user interface is completely rethinked. We’ve gave up on Eclipse RCP in favor of JavaFX. We did our best to make the UI clear and up-to-date.

The new COLT 1.2 now supports JavaScript! AS/JS project type now has to be specified on project creation.

Our JavaScript livecoding implementation has a number of key features. The main killer-feature is livecoding of anonymous functions. There are no limitions on where the function is defined; whether it’s nested inside another function — a new implementation would be delivered to the working application and be able to access the right scope. No limitations on usage of jQuery or any other popular libraries with modern APIs. The second killer-feature which was implemented in our ActionScript livecoding already is a code protection: the ability to code an infinite loop or cause an exception — the application would continue working just fine. No code protection means no livecoding.

COLT is the only proper livecoding tool on the JavaScript market for now which supports anonymous functions and code protection.

We’ve also added a support of Live Reloading. This feature may be familiar to the IntelliJ IDEA users — it makes the browser reload the page when you modify HTML, CSS, images and other resources. Live Reloading comes in handy for front-end development and CSS tweaking.

We’ve implemented a jQuery plugin as well for the live events which allows jQuery-style handling of project resources’ updates and refreshing pages content without reloading.

The production build feature allows automation of common JavaScript build routines such as scripts minifying, combination, compression and deploying to S3.

Livecoding is made possible for node.js and JS/HTML in JavaFX (via WebView).

We’re planning on speeding up AS compilation and adding PhoneGap in version 1.3

Try out the examples bundled with the COLT (available from application welcome screen). Documentation, video tutorials are coming soon.

Links for download:

COLT-install.exe (Windows)

COLT.dmg (Mac)

  • 1 year ago